Fresh report offers new details on Apple’s OLED iPhone 8

 There are big rumors about Apples next product iPhone 8 Specs and their features. There will be a completely new design and the leaked report from Apple says that upper tier of iPhone 8  will be made up of curved OLED display panel. I also found the same news in some of the popular websites. There was a rumor that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have the OLED display and even iPhone 8 Ferrari is going to have AMOLED display. Then it’s completely changed.  Now there is news that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are going to have LCD display. Finally, the iPhone 8 Ferrari may have OLED display.

So, now the report has been cleared and here this iPhone8 is made up of the OLED panel. Now all these OLED panel orders have been placed on plastic model and they are completely opposed to glass. This is actually good because the plastic is the flexible material and which helps you to curve the display as you need. Even there is a rumor that Apple is exploring new sensor technologies which will be wrap-around display design.

Yeah is made up of this because the iPhone 8 is going to have sensing technology. You can touch the phone anywhere you want to then it responds for the touch of the device. There will be no home button instead you will get Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Using which you can perform the functions and it’s too easy to use. According to a US-based website, this scanner helps you to perform volume controls, brightness controls, notifications and many more things.

Apt from these all news, even there is a big rumor that Apple is going to intake the Foldable Displays into their iPhone 8. According to the Apple news, there are no such technologies in upcoming Apple series of 2017.

Now here we will share how Apple is shaped up. So, they are in the way to make big screens for iPhones that they are releasing in next year. The size of the iPhone 8 model will like this. iPhone 8 is going to have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen size. They might be iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. It will be an upper-tier then here we not counted the edges and complete display of the iPhone8. This is only screen resolution of iPhone8.

So, now we are coming to the size if the display, It will be an OLED display and the upstream points of this screen is 5.8 and the downstream is 5. There are lots of people predicted that iPhone 8 is going to have a 5inch display. Considering the screen of iPhone 8 which will be around 4.7 and including the edge, it will be around 5-5.1. This is the predicted display of iPhone 8. They also said that iPhone 8 displays will be short smaller than iPhone7s which is about 5.5.

Apart from these all details, there is a big rumor that iPhone 8 is going to have wireless technology to charge the smartphones.