Patent Searches Made Easier

Media Release Issued By Senator The Hon Kim Carr

Minister For Innovation, Industry, Science And Research

On 28 April 2008 “… an innovative new online database developed by IP Australia that makes the breadth of Australian inventions more accessible …” was introduced.

AusPat allows a one-stop access to Australian patent applications since 1979. Previously those researching Australian patent literature had to work across several unconnected databases.

The Minister is reported to have said that “[the] release of AusPat is a big step forward for the innovation community in Australia. IP Australia has listened to stakeholders and involved them in every step of the development process, so I’m confident that this new tool will be widely used by inventors and those that provide services to them. … If you are in the business of innovation or have an idea and want to see what has already been protected in that particular area, then I’d recommend using AusPat very early on in the process.”

Visit AusPat at