Some Reasons Why Businesses Succeed

For many business people a good relationship with their lawyer can be one of the keys to their success. Indeed, successful business persons talk with their solicitor. That becomes habit when their solicitor is experienced in advising business people generally, has acquired a wide breath of experience in doing so and is a trusted adviser who adds valuable insight.  Once the relationship solicitor/client matures into more than requests for ad hoc advice there is great opportunity to share the benefit of that experience and strategise optimal legal outcomes.
Some examples of junctures when it will be good to put in a call are:
1. Start/purchase of a new business;
2. Enter into/renew a lease of premises;
3. Employ/terminate staff, including implementing/enforcing restraints of trade;
4. Take on new partners;
5. Expand/take on new ventures, and of course any property sale/purchase;
6. Obtain/review funding;
7. Develop/acquire intellectual property;
8. Financial difficulty;
9. Any unusual impacts on the business;
10. Purchase valuable equipment;
11. Business/estate structuring.
Some leave it late and sometimes almost too late.  Any business owner who is under financial pressure will not want to incur costs, unless doing so is unavoidable. Good news is there are ways to manage legal costs in protecting business from threats and often savings are made and opportunities created that well and truly offsets the expense.  Also comforting is that every communication with your solicitor is confidential and discretion is assured.
So talk with your trusted adviser; timely preventative actions can often save a business, or improve an already great performer. Every dollar spent now can be recouped many times over and could mean success, an acceptable loss and financial disaster averted, not just for your business, but for you and your family too.